Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Look: New WFB Empire

Hello again, this time in First Look lets have a look at the new WFB Empire models(if you haven't already):

New Empire cover with drunkard on it. WTF?

I'm really, really disappointed here, this guy look like he is gonna fall on his back any second now. After previous awesome covers like O&G and Vampire Counts(the best one so far) we get this. Shame on you GW(i hope new paint will be as awesome as they seem). Next:

I like the new, Griffon, this one is looks serious!

The best of the three Griffons. Huge, proud an awesome!

I like the new Griffon, it is proud, muscular and screams: I'm a wild beast! Come at me bro!. I don't like that he is using front of the Steam Tank as a breastplate. And why there is a mutated two-headed Griffon in the Empire army? Next!

Heroes are nice, move along...
Nothing to see here, move along please.
Heroes of the Empire are just that. Generic human heroes. I can't say i like them but I also can't say otherwise. Next!

Knightly Order of The KFC ready to charge!!

Minis are nice, but I can take better photo!
Demigryph Knights seems like a good model, but they're a victim of recent GW "don't-take-a-good-picture-of-your-product" policy(like Necro/Warsphinx and Stormraven) I'm sure that they will look 100 times better in person than they look on those horrible photos. Next!

Looks kinda like an old Altar, but I like the old one better.

The same carriage as the Altar but with some kind of Heavenly Spheres contraption.

Same as above but WITH LASERS!!
Now, I like the Altar(but still think that the old one was the best), but I don't know what to think about those crazy Mage-mobiles, models looks kinda silly but I hope that they are victims of the bad-photo policy i mentioned earlier. With a few tweaks they should be cool looking models(even LASER-CANNON one). And of course, I wander what those crazy, crazy contrapions do on the battlefield. I'm afraid, we run out of photos. Please tell me what you think of those models.



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