Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From the Couch: Infinity The Game

I love this cover.
Hello, again everyone! Lastly i managed to get few Infinity games and I want to share my thoughts on this awesome game. First of all, I must admit that it was very different experience form what I'm used to from GW games.
Sorry, my camera broke so generic photos only:(
The most important thing is movement, how are you going to spend your orders is pretty much deciding factor. Moving too many miniatures can result in you being vulnerable for your opponent to kill your minis. Having an opportunity to go deep into enemy territory with fast and hard-hitting model is something that you must do(at least my very limited experience says so). Stopping mid-field and waiting for your opponent to act is a foolish idea at best(which I learned the hard way). I've got the feeling that being too careful is soon going to bite you in the butt.
Next thing are the special skills, they are invaluable for you(especially those that affect movement like Climbing Plus or Super Jump). Those are a real deal and I would try to include as many minis with special abilities as I can. Terrain is almost as important after those few games I think that there is no such a thing as too few terrain on the Infinity table. So these are my initial thoughts on the subject. I'll certainly return to it when i get some more experience so watch out.

In other news here are the pictures of April releases:



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