Friday, February 17, 2012

From the Couch: The state of the local scene

As you can see my blog has a new logo(but i'm pretty sure this will change again) with some „badges” of the armies that i play in varius systems. Some of them are an overstatement, because for my WarmaHordes Khador i have just eSorscha and Kovnik Joe and my Infinty starters will not be arriving probably by the end of the month:D Despite that, i look forward to play each of the systems that are new to me. So, excited by the beautiful models and nice rules I went on the Interwebz and did a little reconnaissance to see how much games i can get. 

Lets just say, that in the current circumstances 1 game/week/system(except for the WFB) should make me happy as hell(and It will). It's because a thing that i observed about wargaming in Poland(if, you are not interested in reading about Poland stop right there, because this post will be full of it). I noticed that many of the LGSes around(and pleas note that Warsaw is the biggest city in Poland with population close to 2mln) that are the main distributors of the „other”(non-GW) systems seems to not give a flying frakk about the popularity of their game. When i went to buy my sexy Khador caster(or castress??) i asked, guy at the counter if there, will be any introgaming to WarmaHordes this month i heard simple „not in the predictable future”....

...WTF?? Those guys are the official distributors of WM/H for Poland and they don't care to get more people to play? It goes the same for the Infinity, the other LGS, which is the Infinity distributor for our country has a forum and there seems to be no info about introgaming or something(Wait, i just found it but buried pretty deep in the forum, I'll go next week and see whats what). I find hard to believe that there is so few people that are willing to share their experiences and promote the systems that they love/sell. I hope to change that when learn my way around the both games. Seriously people! Why it seems that „other” systems are so elitist that, people who play them don't bother to popularize them? Well, lets just hope that i was mistaken. (This note again came shorter that i thought it will be). If you don't want this happening to you, keep on promoting your hobby, keep the flow of new players, because they are essential. I know now i'm Captain Obvious but sometimes i think that retailers/distributors in my country don't know that. And with this I leave you. Keep on gaming!!



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