Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hobby Project: March Update #1

Look what the cat dragged in , Nevermind the date its way off.
Yeah, yeah.. I know, I should be posting those lists that I effed up yesterday. But today I have something more interesting that my lousy army lists(they will return tomorrow). I bought some new stuff. Today few models found shelter on my painting desk. A Japanese Sectorial Army starter, Aragoto box and a Keikotsu with ML. I planned to buy two starter sets but my LGS was short on ALEPH starters(so I decided that I'll buy more models for the JSA instead). I returned home with a big smile on my face and imediately started to unpack my new minis. They are as nice in person as they are on the pictures but when I assembled them I cursed my large bulky fingers and small parts of the models(like Aragoto handlebars). To put together an Oniwaban was a little nightmare as well(pinning them to be precise).

Little dark, sorry :P, Also base is WIP
Other than me, killing my wallet, I painted a new mini for Warmachine. It's a Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator! I love this little bugger, and painting him was a lot of fun(while it lasted, which wasn't very low). I chose a classic scheme with black hat and light brow coat. I'm really proud of him. Those WM/H stuff is very, very cool. I'll be getting a Winterguard UA(Standard and Officer), they'll be at my door later this week. I tried to get Widowmakers but they didn't have them.

And last, but not least, this weekend I attended a WFB Torunament(it's called Bazyliszek). It was a 2400pts ETC Format tournament with 120+ attendees. Also, it was my first tournament since 6th edition of the WFB. We played 5 games over 2 days. I played Dwarfs(their army list will be posted tomorrow).  My opponents were, in this order: Skaven(they crushed me 0:20), Skaven(the same, 0:20), Warriors of Chaos(this time i was victorious, 18:2), Dark Elves(a victory!, 17:3) and Skaven(this was supposed to be a victory, but due to my mistake it was a draw, 10:10). I was 91th overall(thanks to lack of experience and borrowed minis). It's not very impressive position but i think that is not bad for a total tournament noob(well I have played six games of 8th ed total).

That is all for today. I hope you found my ramblings interesting, and my english, didn't make you bleed through your eyes.



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