Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hobby Project: Vulkan, Vindicare and Sorcha

Over last few weeks, i was bored. I've got a break at my university so i sat at my desk and painted few things. So without further ado:

Vulkan He'stan

Wow, this model is so cool! I love it! Painting it was a real challenge due to the number of details and intricate armour. I painted it for my friends Salamanders army, and as a practice. I'm very fond of it. Sorry for the blurry picture, when i'm back from my in-laws i'll try to get a better picture and switch it. I love the idea of lava base always wanted to try one. Lava was made of green sutff and the rock is a wine bottle cork. 

Vindicare Assassin

This Vindicare I found in my bits box. I love this model. In my opinnion its one of the best modes GW has ever made. I know, that, this is another blurry picutre :( I wasn't aware of this until i added it to the picassa gallery. I must also work on the background.

Forward Commander Sorscha Kratikoff(or eSorscha)

Although my 2400p WFB Dwarf army isn't finished, i grew bored of painting little, bearded madmen.(lets face it, plastic 7th ed dwarfs are not the best of GW miniatures). So i starded reading about WarmaHordes(or HoMachine as Frontline Gamers says :D) and decided to make little force of Warmachine for me. I chose Khador because of their cool Imperial, Tzar's Russia theme, but i thought tha it will be cool if i paint them like the Red Army. Here is my first attempt to do so. Sorscha is a lovely model, and i tried my best. I'm pretty much happy with how it turned out.

Coming up next are: Kovnik Joseph Grigorovich(WM/H), Imperial Inquisitor(40k) and some dwarfs(or dwarves, who knows?) And later this month some Infinity models(well maybe i'll make a review).




  1. I like the sorcha, i especially like the base

  2. Thanks! I was inspired by Cygnar bases on your blog:D