Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well, hello Internet!!

Gamer comes to the Interwebz! Welcome to backcouchgamer, the blog about all kinds of miniature wargames and other cool stuff which you like(i hope!). My name i Gamer and i am not an miniatureholic. For those few of you who my show interest i am living in Warsaw, Poland with my beautifull wife. I'm a dedicated sci-fi/fantasy geek. Also i try to study law and find a job when i'm not gaming. But enough of this jibber-jabber. You're not here to read about my boring, private life but about all kinds of wonders that are wargames, RPGs, boardgames and video games.  So lets see what you can expect from me:

- Weekly reports about my hobby projects(painted/converted miniatures and stuff)
- Product Revies(Well, let's be honest, how frequent these will be is dependent on my wallet :D)
- My musings about all the above.

I'll try to be frequent, interesting and on time. Trust me, I'm a Gamer.



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